Determine Paternity by Grandparents

Grandparentage testing can be used when there are lingering doubts about the paternity of a grandchild but the alleged father is not available for testing. It is also useful to prove that they are biologically related to a grandchild in cases where the child may be denied having a relationship with the grandparents for any number of reasons.

This type of testing is done by recreating the alleged father’s DNA profile by using his parents DNA. Using the DNA profile that has been recreated it is compared to the child’s DNA profile to calculate the statistical probability of the tested grandparents being the biological grandparents of the child.

It is also possible to test for maternal grandparentage in cases where the mother and child were separated early in life and the mother is not available for testing.

In cases where a mouth swab is not an option, a forensic sample can be submitted for analysis.

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Do you need private or legal DNA testing?

There are two types of DNA tests available: legal and private. Our fully accredited laboratory follows the same rigorous high quality standards when processing both legal and private cases; the only difference is in the documentation procedures at the time of collection.

Legal, court-admissible cases require a chain of custody of the sample, which must be drawn from an approved Canadian DNA Services collection site. When DNA test results will be used for legal purposes, such as child support, social security, or custody matters, Legal DNA tests are required. Legal testing requires scheduling a collection appointment.

Private DNA tests provide the same information as a legal DNA test; but they are not intended for use in a court of law and are not considered court-admissible. They do not have special collection requirements and can be collected in the privacy of your home.

Legal DNA tests

If you need a legal DNA test done, you can choose to come into one of our convenient testing locations across Canada or have a mobile unit sent to your home or work. During the collection process, the individuals tested are positively identified through photographs and government-issued identification. Certified DNA specialists collect the DNA by doing a simple and painless mouth swab from the inside of the cheek. All information is documented on a Chain of Custody, which ensures all test results are accredited and legally admissible.

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Private DNA tests

Private DNA tests are treated the same as legal DNA tests in the laboratory, and they’re just as accurate. The difference is you can collect the DNA yourself in the comfort of your own home. You’ll receive your kit in the mail along with easy-to-follow instructions, collection envelopes, mouth swabs and a Chain of Custody form.  We also include a self-addressed envelope so you can send back your samples for testing.

If you have further questions, please view the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact a Certified DNA Specialist toll-free at 1-877-477-5661.