Infidelity Testing

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Infidelity Testing: Through our testing services we are able to confirm or exclude the presence of male or female DNA on any suspicious item. Once the results are obtained, we will also be able to compare the DNA profile obtained to another sample from the alleged source.

We can test a vast range of samples for the presence of male or female DNA. Typically, our clients send bed linen, underwear or an item of clothing. You must however, before sending any sample, locate the stained area, cut out and package it to be sent off to the laboratory. The sample must have a visibly stained area to be applicable. If you are unsure about the viability of the sample, do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Please note that samples must be packaged in paper envelopes (not plastic) to avoid contamination.

  • Results will be ready within 5 to 7 business days.
  • Rush analysis within 3 to 5 business days.
  • Free unmarked private shipping included with every order.

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    In the event a DNA profile is obtained, a reference sample can be used to include or exclude an individual from being the donor of that particular sample. A reference sample of the possible donor is required for comparison purposes. (up to 5 reference samples may be provided)

  • You can choose to prepare your own DNA collection kit instead of having us mail one to you. This will allow you to send your sample(s) to us immediately for testing instead of waiting for a kit to arrive.*

    If you chose to have a DNA collection kit sent to you, an additional "Split Kit" option will become available on the checkout page, where you can specify to have additional collection kit(s) mailed to separate addresses if necessary.

    * Documentation regarding how to properly prepare your own DNA collection kit will be included with your order confirmation email and also made available for download upon purchase of this product, if you choose to prepare your own DNA collection kit.